Where it all started...

I started consulting with friends and family on computer purchases as early as 1997. During that time I would scour computer shopper and other retail outlets such as CompUSA for the best deals on either pre-built or DYI products. I have consulted with people on a variety of computer related products from the $20 mouse to the $50,000 entertainment systems of today.

Why choose us?

Simply put, with over 10 years of customer serivce and technical expertise working with companies such as Lawson Software, Qwest Communications, 3M, and Best Buy/Geek Squad promises to deliver an experience that can't be matched. We don't have ties or commitments to any particular brand, we are self opperated and owned, and we are out to give you the best experience possible regardless of the vendors. We have no debt load, which means we are in no rush to get the job done to make a monthly payment on something. We have no "trade" or "industry" secrects. We believe knowledge should be shared, and shared at a reasonable compensation level. Charging 300-400% "markup" on a product due to knowledge is silly to us, and it should be to you as well.

In addition to our computer and media delivery system consultation ask us about our new Webhosting and Web Services consulting. We have consulted on and managed online forum, video delivery sites similar to YouTube, download sites, and blogs. If you can dream it, we can help you do it.